My First Trip to Broadway

Two years ago on my first tour of Marist College I was in the breezeway of Champagnat when my tour guide told us about Marist’s trips to Broadway.  Being the Broadway fanatic that I am, I didn’t think it could get any better…that is until I found out the tickets were only $25 dollars!  I had trouble containing my immense excitement.  When I was back at my high school the next day, I raved about how incredible Marist was. And of course I made sure everyone knew about the Broadway trips.


            I continued to talk about these trips until I arrived here a little more than a month ago and found out that the first trip, Billy Elliot, was already available to the students!  I begged my friends to come with me, and it didn’t take much convincing.  We bought our tickets immediately and I waited anxiously for date of the show to arrive.  When it finally did, I had no problem waking up early on a weekend!  It was as if I were a giddy schoolgirl the entire time, I couldn’t control my excitement!


Once the bus made it into New York City, it felt like forever for it to get to the theater.  I was getting antsy in my seat.  However, the wait paid off.  We had an hour and thirty minutes to spare before the show, so my friends and I grabbed lunch and spent our time walking around the city.  We made a point of arriving to the theater thirty minutes before to beat the crowd and it turned out we had amazing seats.  We were sitting in the orchestra section of the theater.

            The show began and I immediately had goose bumps all over my body.  The orchestra was so powerful and the singing was catchy and impressive.  However, the most astounding part of the show was the dancing.  Billy Elliot was played by an 11 year old boy, and he was the best dancer I had ever seen.  My friends and I took turns grabbing each others hands and hitting each others shoulders because we were so amazed.  At the end of the first act, the combination of singing, dancing, and the music brought tears to my eyes.  I was so overcome with emotion and I didn’t even know what I was feeling.


When the play ended, my friends and I simply looked at each other, speechless.  We spent the rest of the ride home talking about how wonderful the show was.  When we got home, I bought the soundtrack right away, and we spent the night listening to the music and speaking in a British accent, just like Billy.  Together we made an agreement to go to every Broadway show Marist offers.  It’s truly incredible to gain an understanding of how much a school cares for its students.  The variety of activities Marist gives to us is amazing and so appreciated!  Today, all I have to do is think about Billy Elliot and goose bumps appear all over my body.


By:  Sarah Meachen

class of 2015

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