Yes, Unfortunately, I Am Graduating This Year…

I refuse to admit to myself or others that I am a senior. In my mind I’m still a freshman, struggling to figure out where my classes are and finding someone to eat lunch with in the cafeteria. I can still tell you what I wore on freshman move in day and recount the day as if it were yesterday. At least once this year I have tried to use my key to get into my former house, forgetting that I don’t live in Upper New anymore. In case you can’t tell I don’t do too well with change.

graduation application

Unfortunately, reality (and the increase in homework) keeps reminding me that I am in my final year here at Marist and that I do have to start to think about a future outside of college, as frightening as that is. The worst part is that Marist has become my home. My parents always get upset when I talk about going home when I really mean go back to school. But really Marist is a home. I have met some of the most interesting, fun, accepting, and kind people here at school. My friends here really are my best friends. These are people that I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life, not like the high school friends I swore I would touch base with frequently but slowly got swept up in college life and began to lose touch. Honestly, leaving Marist means leaving the family I’ve created here. And that is absolutely terrifying.

I really didn’t want to make this a big sob piece about having to fly from the nest and spread my wings and all those other clichés. Senior year isn’t all that terrible. While looking towards the future is absolutely scary I can’t help but feel excited to experience new things. I’m currently looking for Human Resource jobs for post-graduation, and while the economy is particularly rough right now and job market is limited, the jobs that I have seen all seem so interesting and rewarding. I love my major and I can’t wait to be able to put all this knowledge I’ve gathered to practical use. People (my housemates) tend to get bored when I start talking about training and development programs. I can’t wait to talk to other HR managers that get excited about these sorts of things too.


So my friends and I have decided we’re going to enjoy this year to the fullest, or as much as our Capping classes and busy work schedules allow. Recently a group of us went apple picking at a local farm. It was great to be able to get off campus, relax, and enjoy the sunshine. We got lots of fresh fruits and veggies (told you I was eating healthy foods Mom!) and had an all around great time. Later, a group of us girls went vintage shopping in nearby towns and had a great time looking through racks of clothes from the 80s. We’ve also decided to create a senior year bucket list- things to do before we leave Marist in May. We have plenty of time to figure out what we’re going to do for the rest of our lives; we don’t have too much longer to enjoy our homes here at Marist College.

In a lot of ways senior year in college is a lot like senior year in high school; you’re totally unsure about what to expect, which is scary and exhilarating at the same time. You’ll miss the way things were but at the same time things sound awesome. And you know how in high school the big question was “So, where you going to school next year?” In college the question is “So, what do you plan on doing after college? Grad school? Job ideas?” And how if you answer with an “I don’t know” people look at you kind of like you just said someone died? Yeah, some things don’t change. Sorry guys.


Carolyn Augustyn

Class of 2012

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