Wolves in the Fox Den

Remember that Big Bad Wolf from your childhood?  And how you wanted nothing to do with wolves?  So what if you got the opportunity to come face to face with one?  Literally inches away from a two hundred pound, snarling, fanged, beast.  Would you do it?  I did.


There I was, at Marist, in front of three menacing beasts.  Literally standing only feet away from me.  Except, these weren’t the beasts from my childhood.  First of all, one barely weighed any more than one hundred pounds.  It was not snarling and no fangs were bared.  In fact, they reminded me of my beagle.  These wolves were actually just trotting around, sniffing everywhere, and playing with each other.  It really felt like I was watching three big dogs playing around.  Thanks to S.E.E.D. and SPC any previous notions I had about wolves were dispelled.  A group called Mission: Wolf brought these three adorable animals in and educated us on their circumstance and behavior. (Never before have I used that adjective when talking about adult wolves!)

Mission: Wolf is a group effort towards educating people about wolves and providing a refugee for those that are homeless.  Their refugee facility, home to dozens of wolves that cannot return to the wild, is located in Colorado.  Mission: Wolf provides them with a large enclosed environment away from human populations in which they can live a life free from being misunderstood and bothered.  The Mission hopes to one day end the widespread captivity of wolves and teach how we can live in a peaceful coexistence with wolves.

It was awesome to be able to have this experience and it was life changing to see animals usually viewed as merciless in such a different light. Seeing wolves up close and personal is something I will never forget. It was fantastic to have this opportunity and still learn something in such a moving way.  And one of the best parts is that I got to see this because of Marist.

– Audra A Boehm

To learn more about Mission: Wolf, how you can help, or even visit the Colorado reserve please visit http://www.missionwolf.com

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