PRSSA Agency Tour

As a member of PRSSA, a Public Relations club on campus, I was given the opportunity to attend an agency tour in New York City. I was extremely excited for the tour, as we were to attend two of the best agencies in the entire world, Edelman and Ketchum.

The atmosphere of Edelman was slightly intimidating. However, it was a very informative session filled with different tips on what to do in college to prepare for a career in the field, as well as their stories on how they came to be where they were. At Edelman, we met three Marist graduates who spoke of Marist and all of the different experiences they endured here. One of the girls had been an active participant in MCTV and it was very refreshing to know that they became so successful and were in the same positions that we are in now as students.


After our session at Edelman, we hopped back on the subway and rushed over to Ketchum. The atmosphere there was extremely welcoming and our session begin with an introduction from Michael O’Brien, a partner at the firm who graduated from Marist in 1986. He explained to us that Ketchum was one of the top 5 largest Public Relations firms in the world and mentioned the numerous awards they have received. Once again, we were told all of the different elements employers look for and encouraged to be as involved as we possibly can be at school. We met three other Marist graduates who offered nothing but support and more positive things about Marist. Chris Savarese, who graduated in 2002, said that going to Marist was “the best decision of his life while Patrick Brady, a 2001 graduate, stated that his job is “a direct result of his education at Marist”. They spoke of professors they had here and where they lived which was interesting because we know exactly what they are talking about. We were given a new Snapple flavor to sip on during the session, as it is one of their new products to promote.  The entire experience at Ketchum was extremely informative and enlightening.

The entire day was a great experience. We learned so much from the different agencies about the atmosphere of the work environment as well as how to become successful in the field. However, we also formed friendships. There were fifteen of us that went and everyone got along very well and learned things about each other, which is important because we all have the same tasks and goals. It’s nice to know that there are other people out there going through the same things that you are. This tour was just another great opportunity that Marist makes possible and after talking with all the alumni, it became perfectly evident that Marist truly is the perfect place to attend college.

Marguerite Pinheiro

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If you are interested in joining Marist’s chapter of PRSSA or learning more about the organization, here’s the link!

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