Sister Act Broadway Trip

New York City is NOT “an hour, hour and half away,” as many here put it. Maybe it is on a train, but certainly not on a bus. You notice things like this when hungry. I hadn’t necessarily remembered the little things, like eating, on Sunday morning, because I was too pumped about what the day had in store.

I’m on the board of SPC here at Marist. That stands for Student Programming Council (No, we’re not a computer club!). We organize and put on nifty events around campus such as coffeehouses, socials, comedians, and Broadway trips. Broadway trips are one of my favorite events to put on because you can go see a show for one low payment of $25, yes that’s right, $25 a Marist student can purchase a ticket through College Activities to go see a Broadway play. These are my favorite events because not only do you get to see a play on Broadway with your friends, but that ticket also means free transportation to the city, three hours or so in the city to shop, eat, and explore, and the fact that some of these tickets are in seats that cost quite a bit more than 25$. It’s a great deal, and a great way to spend a Sunday with your fellow Marist chums. I recently saw Sister Act with Marist!

So there I was when the bus doors opened onto the sidewalk of 52nd and 8th, ready to find the nearest

singing waitress

eatery, and singlehandedly devour every last bit of food they had. I had texted a friend of mine from back in little ol’ Sunapee NH who currently studies at NYU and we had worked out to meet at Ellen’s Stardust Diner, which if you haven’t been to, GO! We made our way there after walking through the streets full of vendors and finally got seated. Now, I recommend Ellen’s because it’s truly a meal and a show. Inside those ‘50s themed walls is a busting Diner full of waiters and waitresses waiting for their big break onto Broadway, and to show how talented they are, they all sing to you while you eat. We saw performances of Halo, Rockin’ Robin, and Are You Gonna be My Girl? It was worth the semi-steep bill, and like I said, if you haven’t been there to peruse their menu, it’s worth it.

With my stomach finally happy, we walked around the brisk NY streets and saw vendors swapping out the I ❤ NY t-shirts and booty shorts for scarfs and fuzzy hats. Now, I unfortunately have the record for male-who’s-been-forced-into-Forever-21-the-most-times and my group of friends, all girls, weren’t going to let that fall, as one of them “needed” some shoes. Needless to say I wasn’t the happiest camper for the time we were there, but when we left, it was almost time for the show, so we walked to the theater, flashed our tickets, and got seated. Thirty minutes and an engaging conversation with the Irish vacationers next to me later, the lights dimmed, and the curtain opened; Sister Act had begun!

I don’t want to spoil it for any of you who haven’t seen it yet, but it certainly surpassed my expectations, and kept my attention the whole show. Whoopi Goldberg, who starred in the movie, should be proud! It was two hours of religious jokes, hilarious characters, and catchy songs that brought the audience back to when soulful divas ruled the airwaves. I left satisfied, and willingly distracted from the schoolwork that was waiting for me back in my suite.

Alex Berube

sophomore IS major at Marist College

You can follow him at @IbleedMarist

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