Taking Back Sunday Concert At The Chance Theater

So a couple weeks ago my housemate Kaitlyn burst into my room and informed me that Taking Back Sunday was performing at The Chance Theatre in Poughkeepsie! We both freaked out for a little bit and then pretty much bought tickets on the spot.  The Maine was opening for them and it was obvious this show was going to sell out.  I found out a lot of my other Marist friends were going too and within the next week the tickets did indeed sell out.

I never really listened to The Maine but I knew they have a pretty big fan base. I loved the song that they opened with and they were way better than I expected.  There were crazy fan girls screaming all over the place but it was worth it to be in the pit! They played a good set and their performance definitely made me want to buy their new album.

When Taking Back Sunday finally came out the crowd literally went wild. They played a lot of their oldies and it was a great experience. We were so close to the front of the stage I could basically see the band sweating.  It was also really great that some people left after the “last song” so we were even closer for their encore.  I’ll definitely never forget this night.

I love that at Marist there are tons of things to do on and off campus. The theatre was only a short ride away and tickets were really reasonable too. Check out their website, I’m sure lots of Red foxes will be there this winter for All Time Low!

Madison Kim

Class of 2013


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