Marist Student Enjoys Life in Aruba for 3 Days

Thanks to my father, a hard working service director at Prestige Toyota of Kingston, I was allowed to partake on an adventure to Aruba, a small island off the coast of South America. When a country nickname is ‘One Happy Island’ you knew it was going to be a great time. However, to get there we had to withstand the sometimes torturous conditions of the airport. Flying for 7 hours with a crying and shouting baby a few seats is always enjoyable, but it is even better when it’s YOUR little sister. Whenever comedians use that line “What’s the deal with airline food…”, it is not too far off. Surviving on a glass of water and pretzel is not exactly a satisfying meal.

However, once we landed, my mood dramatically increased. The Tuesday before we left, it was forty degrees, rainy and gray. When we touched down, it was 85 degrees and sunny. A native man greeted us when we got on the bus, and when we took off for the hotel he gave us the scoop on what exactly there was on the island while we were on our way to the hotel. Mostly, it was casinos. We must have passed 42 casinos on the 15 minute ride to my hotel, and that is not an overstatement. When we arrived to the hotel, even from the outside I could tell it was going to be an amazing three days. The hotel workers were there to take our bags up to our rooms, while we checked in with the Toyota travel representatives. After that, we went up to our hotel room. The room itself wasn’t anything special, but they view was majestic.

That night we had dinner on the beach, which was right off the hotel front. It was right around sunset so the view was spectacular, and we got to taste all the local foods and even the local drinks. The next day, my and my family took advantage of the pools outside. Two giant pools with a swim up bar to order food and drinks, a vast selection of hot tubs, and even a water slide alone were available and I definitely took advantage of those, and got a pretty good tan to show. However I was no where near the tan color of some of the elderly folk there. For all I know, they could have been the Jersey Shore cast, elderly version since they were so tan it looked orange!

As for excursions, my family decided to take a submarine into the reefs on the coast of Aruba. Although we did not find any sharks or squids, I’m pretty sure we found Nemo. We even got to go 130 feet underwater and see a sunken ship!

 And if you thought that was adventurous, haggling with the local vendors in on the streets of Aruba tops them all. From hand-carved keepsakes, to Aruba sweatshirts; they had it all. Another adventure was going in the hotel casino (I told you they were everywhere). It was my first time being in a casino (the gambling and drinking age down there is 18), so I didn’t know what to expect aside from what I’ve seen on tv and on ESPN’s World Series of Poker. Once the sun goes down, everyone heading to the casino. A roar of people jump from table to table depending on which one is hot, and bells ringing from the slot machines could easily make one lose their hearing!

            Unfortunately, as soon as my adventure to the Happy Island began, it came to a end. So after three days of relaxation and watching the sunset one last time on the coast, we packed our bags and returned to the state of New York. After that, a short trip back to Marist and back into the daily grind. It was a refreshing break, but I could not wait to get back and see all my friends at Marist!

Andrew Eisgruber

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