Hello from Sevilla!

Today begins my third week in the beautiful city of Sevilla, Spain!  I can hardly believe it.  It felt like yesterday that I was a freshman, sitting beside my academic advisor who was helping me plan how I could possibly study abroad with my double major in Accounting & Spanish.  And flash forward:  Here I am!

I just returned from an amazing weekend visiting Granada & Cadiz.  My program, API, took us to Granada for a night, where we toured the Alhambra and saw a spectacular Flamenco show at Cueva la Rocio.  For those who study a bit of spanish, you know the spanish word ‘cueva’ is cave!  That’s right – we saw a flamenco show in the caves.

I am currently enrolled in a Flamenco course at the University of Sevilla, where we spend 2 hours lecturing and 2 hours actually dancing.  Let me tell you, I have gained a huge appreciation for these dancers.  Whether they are real gypsies or not (some actually are!), it is a difficult art.  I really enjoyed the show in the caves because it felt very authentic.  Pictures of flamenco dancers covered the walls, and the shape of the cave allowed the music to travel beautifully.  Overall, it was a ton of fun with great ambience for unbelievable show.

We returned from Granada on Saturday night, with a one hour turnaround until we left for Cadiz.  This weekend was the beginning of the Carnaval in Cadiz.  For anyone travelling abroad in the Spring, Carnaval is a must do!  It happens in several countries all over the world, including multiple cities in Spain.  We chose to go to the Carnaval in Cadiz, simply because it was most accessible to us in Sevilla.  Anyway, our time in Cadiz was a blast!  I would like to compare it to Halloween in the states, but it just does not compare.  It was like nothing I have ever experienced.  The streets were filled.  Literally millions of people dressed in crazy costumes.  For anyone planning to study abroad in the Spring, you have to go to Carnaval.  They happen all over the world… So find one, wherever you are!

After an amazing and fun-filled weekend, it feels good to be back home in Sevilla.  We arrived back with the warmest of welcomes – a week in February with 65 degree weather!! And they say it’s only getting warmer from here.  I think I can get used to this!

Chelsea Rigby

One thought on “Hello from Sevilla!

  1. Have a great time! I studied in Madrid when I was at Marist, in 2002. I came back 6 years later (2008) and I’m still here! You never know 😉

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