Fun In The Sun With My Best Friend, My Mother

Like any college student the anticipation of ending the midterm week was making me itch. Marist campus for the past week had seemed more like a beach and a vacation than school, with students lying out on “Marist Beach” playing Can Jam and blasting music. Yet like my peers I was longing to get away from school to partake in spring break activities. The clock hit 3:15 and my last class let out on Friday, it was finally spring break.


Though my break would consist of beaches, sun, bikinis, and tanning oil it would lack in typical areas attractive to college kids. I was headed to St. Petersburg, Florida with my best friend – my mother.


As we boarded the plane we were giddy with excitement, we were finally getting away from all responsibility and could bond and enjoy each other’s company without distraction. I am lucky and have a unique relationship with my mother, going away with her on my spring recess was the same if not more exciting than going away with a bunch of girlfriends. It was a different type of vacation but exactly the kind I needed.


My mom and I took walks on the beach, went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, worked hard on our tans, enjoyed a good book, and of course treated ourselves to lovely lunches and dinners right on the beach. Rather than bar hopping we went hotel hopping using other resorts amenities that they had to offer for fun and a good laugh.


After spending a few days at our resort on St. Petersburg beach, we took a drive to see my grandmother in Port Charlotte, similar to my mom and I, my mother and grandmother are extremely close. My grandmother is a fiercely independent 80 year-old woman, and quite a character.


After spending a few days poolside at my grandmothers, she decided she would like to show my mother and I a night out on the town. Later that night we met up with my grandmother’s two sisters and went clubbing … Florida style. The entire night was hysterical and a blast, we danced and laughed the night away. I was with the four women whom I look up to with the utmost respect and who serve as strong role models in my life.


Getting on the plane back to New Jersey was difficult, the lifestyle I lived for the past week felt so relaxing and comforting, the experience was so rewarding and I was with the people I care about most. Seeing my mother and grandmother interact reinforced the bond my mother and I have created, I am excited to see our relationship grow as we get older. Maybe next spring break she and I will be up on the tables of bars, or participating in wet t-shirt contests, and who knows we might get my grandmother up there one of these days.

–Leslie Sullivan

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