Sustainability Day Success!

Many students came to the 5th Annual Sustainability Day to see how they can live a “green” life while at college!  The day was filled with presentations by keynote speakers and Marist students and administrators.  There were also tours of the Hancock Center, films to do with environmental issues, and booths by some of the clubs on campus.  The event was organized by a group on campus called CSAC, which stands for Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee.  CSAC is comprised of professors and administrators from different fields at Marist, representing everything from mathematics to student affairs.  Students are also invited to be involved with CSAC, which I am through SGA Green, as well as some other students interested in environmental policy.  It was quite an honor to work with CSAC this year to plan this year’s Sustainability Day, and it was even more of an honor to be able to present during the day.

Along with the presentation that I was able to make with S.E.E.D. about things that students can do to be more sustainable, Mr. Justin Butwell, Director of Physical Plant, and Dr. Geoff Brackett, Executive Vice-President, made a presentation about the sustainable efforts that have been put in place on the Marist College campus, specifically in the new Hancock Center.  They also spoke about the expansion to the music department and the renovations to the dining hall in the near future and how they both will be completed using sustainable measures.  When they finished their presentation, many students asked questions for more details about the exciting renovations that will be happening throughout this summer, next school year, and the summer of 2013.  Later in the day, Mr. Butwell offered three tours of the Hancock Center so students who were interested could see firsthand the backstage ways that the Hancock Center is such a “green” building.  Students were able to see how the data in Hancock is cooled with air from outside, and the tour concluded with a view from the roof.  Many students had no idea that the roof of the Hancock Center is a green roof, including myself!

Sustainability Day was a huge success this year and I really learned a lot from the presentation and tour that Dr. Brackett and Mr. Butwell led.  I hope that with new technology and new innovations, we will be able to see more green practices on campus, such as in any new renovations or new buildings in the future.  For now, we as Marist students can do our part and do things like saving water, turning off lights, recycling, and so on. It’s not difficult if students are aware of their surroundings and do what they can to save the planet, one step at a time.


Go Green!


Courtney Lawlor ‘15

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