Marist College Dance Ensemble: Dance Your Story


 Marist College Dance Ensemble has just celebrated it’s 15th year anniversary with their show “Dance Your Story” this past weekend Saturday, April 21st and Sunday, April 22nd. The Dance Ensemble has recently received the honor of Club of the Year and it is also one of the largest clubs on campus with over 200 students. Not to mention, it is completely student run. Dancers, students, parents, grandparents and even professors and staff look forward to watching the performances every semester.

            The show this year consisted of twenty seven different dances all choreographed by students at Marist. It included a variety of dance styles including Contemporary, Jazz and Hip Hop. We also saw different styles like an Asian Fusion Ballet number, Hula dancing and an African styled dance. The versatility and the creative concepts of these dances and routines kept the audience entertained and engaged. Walking into the McCann center, last minute tickets were purchased until sold out, flowers were being sold for parents to buy for their dancers, and stunning pictures of the talented choreographers were hung up. Before the show begun, the audience could tweet with the hashtag “#mcde” or the twitter name “@maristdance” and have the tweet appear on the backdrop of the stage. This was an awesome and fun way to have the audience and dancers get pumped up for the show. This just shows how much thought and effort the board of the Dance Ensemble put into making this show the best.

            I am a freshman here at Marist and this was my first semester participating in the Dance Ensemble. I was in four different dances and needless to say, I absolutely loved it. At the beginning of the semester, sign ups for classes are held by e-mail. The classes range from beginner to advanced so even if you have never danced before there are opportunities for you to join! Then classes meet once a week for an hour to learn the routine by their choreographer. Eventually, we reached the all famous “Hell Week.” This is the nickname for the week of jam packed rehearsals the week before the show. The week may be exhausting but it ends up being so much fun. You are spending the whole week with your dance friends and we are just doing what we all love to do anyway. By the time its show weekend, all of our hard work has paid off as family and friends are amazed by the creativity and talent each member of the club has.

Deanna Clark

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