Marist Pre-College Alumni: Kristal Seidita

Kristal Seidita

Kristal Seidita

Program: Business

Long Island, NY
Business Administration Major
Wellington C Mepham High School

Why I decided to do the Marist Summer Pre-College ProgramI was interested in seeing more of Marist campus. I knew in the long run it would benefit me because I could earn 3 college credits.

Best part of my experience: First, my classmates. The best part of the summer program is making new friends. Throughout this program I got close with people from around the world. I still keep in contact with the friends I made at this program. When I stated as a freshman at Marist it made me feel comfortable that I already had friends from the summer program. My best friends currently at Marist is a girl I met at the summer program.

Second, I would say the academic program. This program allowed me to take an elective my first semester freshman year since I already covered the Bus 101 credits. Earning three credits allows you to have a head start your Major. I also met extremely nice professors who gave me letters of recommendation.

Would I recommend the Marist Pre-College Program to someone else?  I would definitely recommend this program because it was a fun experience and I got to meet new people along with getting a head start in my education.

Did this program help in the college search process?  Yes, for me it made it very clear that Marist was the campus I wanted to live on for the next four years of my life. It was clean, pretty and safe just what I was looking for.

Did this program help you prepare/transition into college? Yes, it gave me a good taste of how it would be to live on my own and helped me adjust and adapt to new surroundings and people.

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