A “Casual” Walk In The Woods

And it was decided! A day trip it was to Beacon, NY. Being a suburban girl from northern New Jersey my hiking expertise is lacking, but I agreed to try something different. It was a beautiful day so a few of my friends hopped in the car and headed down 9D to our destination. My more experienced hiking friend had reassured me that this was a ‘moderate’ trail and that I would have no problem with it. As most would think ‘moderate’ would be a slight incline, possibly a few boulders here or there, but as we traveled down the road I noticed a few signs that stated ‘Breakneck Trails.’ Breakneck! Really? Since when did a hike, a leisurely activity through the woods, have the words break and neck in it?

Well it was confirmed. My friend lied! I wasn’t hiking; I was climbing a vertical rock cliff, dangling over the Hudson River! Months ago I had taken a jet-ski down the river and noticed a flagpole way up in the clouds. To my knowledge, that extremely high flagpole was only check point number one! Being only 5’0, some of the gaps between boulders became a little more challenging, just adding to the stress of ensuring my hands and feet were on some kind of solid ground at all time.

Up, up and up we went. I officially conquered the ‘up’ part, but going down was the challenge. Hours later, we made it back. My legs felt like jello, but needless to say it was one of my more productive weekends. The view was absolutely outstanding and it was more than fun to take a trip and explore the area!

Melanie Greco 

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