Marist Soccer Plays Pink

I have personally always enjoyed the energy-intense game of soccer. The game itself is highly entertaining; balls flying in the air, amazing plays and set ups to shots on goals. I was all the more excited to attend my first Marist Women’s Soccer game.

The crowd all decked out in pink to support breast cancer, even Shooter showed his pink pride. The crowd filed into the stands anticipating the game. The opening ceremonies were touching as each starting player guided an important person in breast cancer awareness. It was nice to hear the Marist community cheer loudly for both the team’s favorite players and these important women.

Within the first quarter the foxes scored their first goal! The fans go crazy, standing and cheering our team on. Binghamton attempts to catch up and score a goal, but they could not make effective plays against the strong defensive line.

During halftime the younger children took the field. So excited, the children’s beaming faces could be seen all the way up in the stands. They played small scrimmages until the Foxes once again took the field.

Minutes into the second quarter the girls scored a second goal and fans went crazy! I  was also screaming and shouting in approval. Binghamton played hard, but in the end Marist won 2-0.

The support Marist students had for the fight against breast cancer, wearing pink tops, and buying the shirts made me realize what a community I am now a part of. My love for soccer, and the team’s talent made the game a complete entertainment. I am looking forward to attending more games, and supporting all of Marist’s dedicated sport’s teams. Go Foxes!

— Sara Silverstein

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