BJ Novak takes on Marist

“This is a big crowd, ‘definitely bigger than what I expected’…that’s what she said”.

…It was all over from there.

For “The Office” fan population, and even those who were just looking for a good laugh on a Thursday night definitely got their $10 worth and more from the SPC performance by BJ Novak, beloved producer and character from NBC’s “The Office”. A fan of the show myself, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that SPC’s fall concert would be Novak and that the tickets were TEN DOLLARS. Novak is a jack of all trades: a successful producer, an actor, a comedian, and a writer. He’s starred in The Office along-side his high-school peer John Krasinski, acted with the ranks of Brad Pitt in Inglorious Bastards, and believe it or not, had a cameo in Knocked Up!

From, the “meth heads who do the test drives for google maps” and Thomas Jefferson,  to bruised fruits and “BJ” jokes, Novak absolutely KILLED it on stage. All he had to do was read from jokes he’d been working on including a short story thoughtfully titled, “Wikipedia Brown”. He dropped one line, “I dropped my girlfriend off at the airport the other day.. I’ll pick her up when she calms down” that absolutely broke the audience,   and the rest was history. There was not one bad joke, uncomfortable silence, or awkward forced laughter from the audience. He even stayed to answer questions, and got PICTURES with fans who simply asked! This guy is the definition of cool. One of my favorite parts of the show was Beck Miller’s (Marist 2016) rendition of “Ryan started the fire” during the Q&A session which sent the crowd over the edge of laughter.. literally. A girl from the crowd was laughing so hard we for sure thought we’d need to make a reservation for her at St. Francis. Classic.

Check out what SPC has to offer during the year, because this was definitely a night to remember; a night of laughter among friends, and a perfect ending to a long week of work. Until next time, stay classy Red Foxes

by Alex McCahill 15’

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