From Jeans to Business Casual

Rushing to the McCann Center to make the last half hour of the Career and Internship Fair, I walked into the building with flats soaked from the rain and without any idea what to expect since this was my first time at a Career Fair.  I have to admit that walking into the Career Fair was a bit intimidating at first.  All the businessmen and women in their formal attire were daunting.  As I walked up and down the aisles scoping out all the company signs and booths, I could feel their eyes on me.  I had that feeling someone gets when everyone seems to be staring at you.  I thought something must have been wrong – either my hair was frazzled, or my shirt was untucked, since I had rushed to change out of my jeans and into an appropriate business casual outfit.

The McCann Center is usually filled with teams of athletes.  However, in place of all the uniforms were a number of ties and heavily starched dress shirts.  Students switched their Marist hoodies and sweatpants for formal outfits to try to impress the people they hoped to be their future bosses and supervisors.

Crowds of Marist students gathered around different booths, handing over their resumes – in hopes to get job offers.  A number of renowned companies were present at the fair, including Ernst & Young and KPMG for the accountants, TJX Companies, IBM, Madison Square Garden Company, and Morgan Stanley.

Going to the Career Fair was an eye opening experience and good look into what the “real world” is looking for in immediate college graduates. I am glad that I made it to the fair and am looking forward to seeing what next year’s Career Fair will bring me!

By Melissa Yee

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