Embrace The Kisses of Fall

Coming from a small town in New Hampshire filled with apple trees, my homesickness suddenly faded as I signed up to go apple picking with the students of Marist College. It was a beautiful Saturday morning as I dressed for the occasion with the typical “wanna-be farm girl” outfit with my plaid, skinny jeans, and boots. I guess the Poughkeepsie Mother Nature has a different idea of apple picking weather than I do. Taking one step out of Marian Hall into the golden sunlight, I quickly changed into shorts and a sleeveless top. I’m not used to these 76 degree autumn days.

Finally arriving at Weed Orchards with the Student Government Association, I felt as though I was home again. It was all coming back to me with the acres of pumpkins, bins of apples to taste, fresh vegetables, baked goods, hay rides, and warm cider. The rows and rows of Fuji apples were calling my name and just waiting for me to get lost in them.

Reaching as high as I could in the trees to grasp a flawless apple, I felt so blessed to be at Marist. Opportunities to go apple picking can happen anywhere but perfect fall days filled with laughs and genuine happiness only happen where the heart is. The childhood New Hampshire moments will always be with me but it’s time to create new memories in New York. Good instants will only lead to great recollections, just remember there is something valuable in every single day.

So get out there and enjoy the beautiful fall colors on the Hudson. If you don’t get the chance to go apple picking, lay outside to watch the leaves of orange and red dance from the skies of blue. It’s not too late to start carving pumpkins or look at the colors on the river while you walk to your 3:30 class. Embrace the kisses of fall because before we know it, the autumn leaves will be covered by a thin blanket of fluffy snow.

-Alyssa Boccia

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