Marist Professor Opens Her Farm For Student Visit


Professor Dunlap opened her home in Highland to all of her students.   Professor Dunlap, a professor of courses like Child Development and Measurement and Evaluations, resides on a farm of over 12 acres of land. She has four full-grown horses and miniature ponies that were available for rides.  Along with owning both horses and ponies, Professor Dunlap is also a foster parent to stray kittens from the Hudson Valley area with the most recent litter consisting of 15 kittens.   Previously having been taunted and attacked by street dogs in Poughkeepsie, this most recent litter is now safe and sound in Professor Dunlap’s home.   With the help of her family and the program she uses, Professor Dunlap hopes to place the kittens in a safe and loving home once they become healthier. Over the past few years, Professor Dunlap has helped multiple litters of kittens.  The students who visited her home were able to play with the kittens in her “kitten room”.

Many Psychology Professors also attended the open house Professor Dunlap was hosting.  This allowed students and professors to bond in a more relaxed environment.  This was a great opportunity for students to experience a different area of the Hudson valley.  Students who attended had a calming and enjoyable afternoon.

–Ashley Mast

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