MCCTA Presents “Gypsy”

This past Saturday, November 3rd, I was lucky enough to see an amazing performance of the musical “Gypsy,” put on by MCCTA. The show is about a stage mother who is chasing her dreams of stardom by living vicariously through her two daughters, and playing the vaudeville circuit around the United States. Rose, determined to make her young and talented daughter June into a star, gets an unpleasant surprisewhen June leaves to pursue her own artistic dreams. Rose then has no choice but to turn to her daughter Lousie, and do all in her power to create a star. This is a knowingly difficult task, since Louise was not born with the talent of her younger sister, so Lousie resorts to taking part in a burlesque strip tease act to avoid unemployment. Rose ends up losing not only the love of her life, but also her two daughters because of her blindness to what was best for them. In the end, Rose and Louise slowly reconcile.

The show was extremely well done, with a multitude of high-energy performers, leaving the audience smiling and entertained. The performers were accompanied by a very impressive group of musicians that added a magnificent spark to the performance. It was clear that a lot of time and effort was placed into creating the costumes, as each one was perfect for the character. Once again, MCCTA’s hard work and dedication has paid off to produce an incredible show! I can’t wait for children’s theater next semester, where the talented group will be performing Treasure Island.

–Anna Carbone

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