Hurricane Red

It was my first time going to a Marist basketball game.  It was the first ever women’s basketball game I attended.  AHH!  I was bursting with excitement.  Like a balloon, I felt like I was going to pop any second.  I could barely contain my excitement.

There was another reason to be excited tonight.  The Ladies Empowering Athletes Program, Student Athlete Advisory Council, and the Student Government Association set up a Hurricane Sandy relief fund called “Stuff the Brown Trucks,” in which they collected toiletries and nonperishable food items.

The game was preceded by the pregame ceremony in which the members of the Women’s Basketball Team were presented with their NCAA Championship rings.  The 2011-2012 champions were about to play the University of Vermont.

My excitement level hit the roof when Marist scored within the first few seconds of the game.  The crowd continuously burst out in chants of “Defense” and “Let’s go Marist!”  I felt like a true Red Fox engulfed in the magnificent school spirit of Red Fox Nation.

In the first half of the game, I was really nervous about the score, but Marist had an impressive second half.  With 16 minutes left on the clock, Marist tied the game.  After that, they were on a streak.  It seemed like every shot was going in, and this caused the crowd, including me, to roar.  What an amazing first game.

Throughout the game, the band played the song, “Dynamite,” by Taio Cruz several times, and that is exactly what the Marist Women’s Basketball Team was tonight – dynamite.  They crushed the University of Vermont, and the final score was 66-45.  Like Hurricane Sandy with its winds that destroyed a number of homes, the Marist Women’s Basketball Team proved to be just as forceful, annihilating the University of Vermont team.  The Marist Women’s Basketball Team completely blew us away with their talent and agility on the court.  Talk about experiencing a hurricane of red.

I can’t wait to attend more Marist games.  Let’s go Foxes!

By Melissa Yee

Marist College ’15

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