Unofficial Guide To Student Life At Marist College


“Capping” is a course that all seniors take, which is a final project that encompasses student’s education in their time at Marist. This week we are highlighting 5 Marist seniors about their stories and experiences with capping. Read on to learn about Kelly’s experience with Communication capping!


For my Senior Communication Capstone Project, I produced an “Unofficial Guide to Student Life at Marist College.” I created an online blog and printed booklet full of articles for incoming freshmen students at Marist College. Essentially it contains “Everything you wanted to know about Marist College, but they failed to mention at Orientation.” This booklet includes insider information Marist does not publicize on their website. I figured that students are going to figure it out sooner or later, why not give them a head start.

I chose to create this blog for incoming freshmen students because I believe there is a lot of information about Marist, and college life in general that is not advertised. As an Orientation Leader at Marist, I have been approached on several occasions by incoming students through a plethora of different outlets. They either have e-mailed me, sent me a Facebook message or called me. However, I realized they all were asking the same type of questions. Therefore, why not create somewhere where they could access all of this information? Let’s be honest, none of them are going to take the time to actually sit down to read and study the website. So why not put all of the information on an attractive, easy to read blog? Each article is short, simple and gets right to the point.


The plan was always to make an outlet where I could produce and distribute this information in a simple, easy to read CAP5format. I figured it would be much easier to read the information if it was properly organized. In my blog there are 8 sections: Academics, Dorm Life, Freshmen, Guide for Girls, Guide for Guys, Housing, Marist Life & Social Life. Each section has 4 to 5 articles associated with each section. They vary in length depending on importance. The subjects of these articles are very eclectic.

At first, I was just going to make a small booklet. However, I realized that college students would much rather access this information online. Therefore, I created the blog. I never predicted I would write this many articles. More ideas started to flow, so I basically just went with it. I would write sometimes two articles a day, sometimes none. Throughout this process I really let my “inner voice” shine through. As it turns out, I actually enjoyed writing each article. I gained insight from my peers about topics and interviewed my classmates for specific articles.

My intentions have always been to distribute this website/booklet in some way. I produced this booklet for the students. Although it would obviously make a great addition to my professional portfolio, the purpose was to inform CAP2them. Therefore, I have been brainstorming some ideas for the future of my project.
1. Business Cards with website URL to distribute at Freshmen Orientation in June
2. Add 30+ pages, find a company that would publish the booklet – sell on Amazon
3. Get a hard cover copy made, have it passed around Orientation (Exclusive)

Overall, whatever the future holds for my project, I am extremely happy and pleased with the final product. Professor Lerner gave us full range to pick a topic and model a project out of it and I am very thankful for that. I truly hope that it can help out and inform future Red Foxes down the road!

Kelly Scalera

Class of 2013

Check out my Unofficial Guide to Student Life at Marist here:

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