Senior Capping Project: MCDE Behind the Curtain Campaign

“Capping” is a course that all seniors take, which is a final project that encompasses student’s education in their time at Marist. This week we are highlighting 5 Marist seniors about their stories and experiences with capping. Read on to learn about Gina’s experience with Communication capping!
CampaignLogoCapping. The word usually provokes stress, anxiety, and frustration. Lucky for me, as a Communications major, I was able to actually have fun and enjoy capping.

I wanted to do something that revolved around something I am passionate about at Marist, which happens to be my involvement as a member of Marist College Dance Ensemble (MCDE).  I asked my friend and housemate, Alyssa Pallotti, to be my partner in creating a behind the scenes campaign for MCDE.  The ideas started coming quickly as soon as we solidified the idea.

Many Marist students know about MCDE, and that there is a showcase at the end of each semester, but many do not know all of the hard work, community service, and GinaDancing Photo Credit Bill Scalainspiration behind the dances.  Alyssa and I wanted to show this through not just our WordPress blog,, but also through our Facebook and Pinterest page as a “Campaign”.  We also promoted our articles through our own personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Throughout the semester, we went to each and every dance to interview the student who choreographed, and to take pictures of their class.  We featured 24 choreographers total on our blog, as well as community service events, rehearsal week, and concluded with an article about the showcase. As of December 5, we have 4,293 views on our blog!

We were able to achieve such success because of our Facebook page we created for the Campaign, “MCDE Behind the Curtain”.  Through the page, we were able to share each article published, make photo albums of each dance, and post general announcements about the club. We have 171 likes, which gave us a good following for members of MCDE as well as the audience (friends and family of members).  Most people clicked to our blog from the Facebook page, and shared with the articles with their own friends.

The Pinterest, Marist Dance, was a more creative outlet for us to post inspiration, healthy eats, dance, and our own photos that we took of the dance classes.  It was a fun distraction from our normal coursework to find interesting pictures to Pin on our page, and our followers have re-pinned many of our pictures.



At the showcase, we created a poster with pictures from each dance, a quote from the choreographer, a description of our project, and OR codes for the blog, Facebook and Pinterest. People that didn’t know already were able to read about and follow our campaign.  Having a physical presence at the showcase helped lead people online.

The end of the semester showcase sold over 1,000 tickets, which has never happened before for an MCDE off-campus show. We hope that this success had something to do with our capping project! We have also received such positive feedback from MCDE members and audience members, and have been asked to continue the project next semester. Hopefully, we can integrate it as a community service opportunity for the club and this can be something that can be continued for many years to come at Marist!


Throughout the semester, my professor Kevin Lerner, had us use the hash tag on Twitter, #hapcap, for happy cappers, to promote our progress of our projects. At first, I didn’t think I could be happy while capping; but this project proved to me that you can do your capping on something you are passionate about and actually look forward to working on it!

MCDE Behind the Curtain Campaign. #hapcap

–Gina Rose Sirico

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