Send BMAC Down Under For The Best Job In The World

Phone rings. It’s Mom. Casual Thursday evening. It could be about anything. What I didn’t know when I answered the phone to talk to my mother that day was that what she had to tell me was going to change my immediate future and plans for after college. My mother sent me a link to this contest called “The Best Jobs In The World” that Tourism Australia is holding. After reading about the position and watching the video, I immediately knew that this was for me! What’s the best job in the world? It’s to be the Chief Funster for Sydney in New South Wales, Australia! The Chief Funster position is described as travelling allover New South Wales as the social media commentator, appearing at all the major tourism launches, PR events and industry functions. The Chief Funster also helps develop events all over the state including food festivals, lifestyle, sports, cultural, entertainment and arts events. Work behind the scenes of Sydney Festival, Mardi Gras and Vivid Festival, all leading up to the spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks on Sydney Harbour. How does THAT sound? The winner of Chief Funster gets a six month contract to do all this PLUS $100,000 ($50,000 living expenses, $50,000 salary). Don’t you wish you applied now?


To apply for Chief Funster, you had to submit a 30 second entry video of why you are the best person for the position. Let me just hit you with that little piece of information one more time… you only have 30 SECONDS to convince the judges that you are THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD for this position. (insert heart failure here) What could I possibly say in 30 seconds that wraps up everything I am to set myself apart from everyone else in the WORLD who is applying?


I spent the next month brainstorming with family and friends about what I should do for my entry video. I became obsessed. I told anyone who would listen to me about the contest and my ideas. I kept a list on my phone of all the ideas I came up with for what I could potentially do for my entry video, but there wasn’t one idea that really stuck out over all the others. None of them gave me that fire in my tummy to advance and follow through with the idea. After talking to my best friend Mark on the phone about it, we had an epiphany. WHAT IF I created a social media campaign and incorporated ALL my ideas that way I didn’t have to choose just one?! Genius! This includes a Facebook page, Twitter, blog and YouTube channel. I then said to Mark, “but what would I call it?” and he casually replied, “I don’t know… send BMAC down under or something like that” and with immense excitement I exclaimed, “THAT’S IT! THAT is what we are calling it! Send BMAC Down Under!” Now I had a title, which was also an identity and was going to be part of my “brand”. I’m an advertising major with a minor in business, so I was excited and up for the challenge. I’ve always had an interest in social media and had two internships this summer at different agencies as a social media intern. I also worked for Marist in the office of undergraduate admissions for 3 years doing social media work for them. I’m qualified and creative and was prepared to take on the challenge.

rugby side by side

The best part of this entire process has been collaborating with my talented friends and family. Everyone I know has been willing to assist me and offered their help in any way they could. I would like to both thank and apologize to my family, housemates and friends for listening to me only talking about this contest for the past month and a half. If it weren’t for their support, I would not have accomplished what I am about to present to you.

My Uncle John is a photographer and dabbles with graphic design so I knew he would be able to help me with my first idea. I asked him to take a picture of my eye and make my pupil the shape of Australia. How cool does that sound? My Uncle John must’ve taken 100 photos of variations of my eyes. We picked the best one and he made my first idea come to life! As an advertising major, I enjoy copywriting and fun taglines and slogans, so how would I present this photo? How about: “I’ve got my sights set on Sydney”. (Oh, and I’m obsessed with alliteration! I think it’s so fun!) This was the kick off of making all my mini ideas come to life.


Next step: I knew I needed something big and exciting to kick off my campaign. What could I do to get everyone’s attention that would make them want to stay interested in my campaign and keep checking out everything I would be posting? The correct answer is a belly flop. Yup. A belly flop. I spent 13 fantastic summers at summer camp where I became familiar with belly flopping because we used to have camp belly flop competitions. This would be “easy”, plus it shows my personality and what I’m willing to do to snag your attention. Below is my “Belly Flop For The Best Job In The World” video that kicked off my campaign.

Once I kicked off my campaign, I couldn’t stop looking at the analytics of who was checking out what I posted and from where. I noticed that my blog got more views when I posted a video, so I knew I needed more and had to mix it up between “regular” content and the excitement of a video. Below is my second video titled, “Who’s BMAC?”

A brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what you customer says it is, so I hope you got a better feel for who I am and what other people think of me. My third video was a little punny and titled “Send BMAC To The REAL Down Under”. Check it out:

Do you get it? The REAL down under! What a knee slapper!

Now that I was consistently posting content, I was starting to get nervous about my entry video. I still didn’t have anything that I thought was good enough. I called my Mom almost in tears because I had been working so hard on this campaign and really want to get the judges attention. I’ve never been so excited about something or wanted something so badly in my life. I have been putting my heart and soul into every intimate detail of Send BMAC Down Under. My Mom didn’t understand why I was getting upset because the entry video was a no brainer to her of what I should do. Here’s what I came up with:

I’ll find out between April 11th and April 23rd if I make it to the next round of the contest. Only 25 people advance, which is a wicked small amount of people considering the entire world is applying! Based on what you’ve seen, do you think I’ve got what it takes to be Chief Funster? I’ve done everything I can to get Australia’s attention. My fate is now in their hands.

I cannot begin to thank everyone who has helped me with Send BMAC Down Under. Word got around fast and campus has been buzzing about it. Even when I went out with my friends this weekend, people were asking me about it and what they could do to help. How awesome is that? It just goes to show what a positive, loyal and helpful community we have here at Marist. Everyone cares about everyone else and wants to help each other. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends who have dedicated their time to helping me succeed in my campaign. I would not have been able to do any of this without them.

Keep your fingers crossed for me everyone!

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Thank you for all the love and support! I sincerely appreciate it!




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