My Weekend in Lake Como and Switzerland

ImageSaturday morning at 6 am our bused rolled out of Piazza dell’Indipendenza. The two busses were filled with tired LDM students who deep down couldn’t wait to get to Lake Como. After four hours on the bus and a quick break at a rest stop we arrived in Lake Como. The busses stopped right in front of the Lake which was a stunning view. We had about three hours to explore the town. We quickly found the market that ran through the heart of the town, and the main cathedral in the center. The cathedral was much darker than many of the other churches I have seen being abroad but it was still breathtaking.


After we followed the market and windowed shopped for an hour. We got a slice of pizza for lunch and then headed to the dock. We walked out on the dock that runs straight through the center of the lake, it brought us closer to the stunning views and with the weather being warm and sunny it was a pleasant change from the weather in Florence.  We drove around the side of the lake and headed to our ferry to take us to the town at the center of the lake. Here we took pictures at a point in the middle of the lake.

We took a nice ferry ride back and once we all boarded the bus again we were off to ImageSwitzerland! As we started winding up the mountain we watched as the temperature outside drop on the thermostat. We stopped on the side of the road for some beautiful pictures of the snow and mountains and then headed to our hotel in St. Moritz. St Moritz is a private ski area that is split between the town and the mountain. Once we checked in to our room we all noticed we had views of the mountains from our rooms. At 8:00 we had our dinner, this comes with the trips. It was a four course meal and it was so yummy!


Later that night we walked into town, it was not as cold as we expected and seeing the mountains at night was breathtaking. Sunday we got up early for breakfast and at 9 headed for our walking tour of St. Moritz by a local guide who showed us the ins and outs of the town. The tour ended at a chocolate factory! To get back to Italy we took the Bernina express which is a train that runs through the Alps. Our train ride brought us to the highest altitude a train can go too. We were feet away from walls of snow, as we descended the snow disappeared into the background and it became much warmer. We got off the train in Torinno, a small town that has the Alps as their backdrop and a large central market for an hour we got to explore. After getting some street food we boarded our bus again to head back to Florence. It was a long drive to the rest stop but once we got back on after it was only a couple more hours till Florence. It was a long but amazing 2 days!

By: Michelle Ruel

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