Rehearsal Week Underway

MCDE Behind the Curtain

Rehearsal Week for all MCDE dancers is currently underway each night of the week leading up to the “Dare You to Move” Showcase this weekend.

This week is all about fine-tuning dances and practicing show order, to be able to put on an amazing performance for the Showcase that MCDE has been preparing all semester for.

“I’m extremely excited for the show. Even this early in the (rehearsal) week, I’ve honestly never seen dances this clean this early in my four years of MCDE, and so many powerful numbers in one show,” President of MCDE, Erin Graetzer, said.

Rehearsal began Sunday night at 9:15 p.m. in McCann.  Dancers ran the show in show order, giving choreographers time to space their dancers prior to running the dance.

Each night of rehearsal is a “theme” night, and Monday was Color War. All seniors wore red, juniors wore green, sophomores wore blue, and freshman wore…

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