Eat Like a Red Fox

Tired of the Cafeteria food? Want something within walking distance to eat? Here is a list of 16 food places within walking distance from campus! So sit back, take a look, and see what you like!

  1. Looking for Italian? Cosimo’s is your place. Take a right out of the main entrance of Marist and you’ll be staring at this beautiful Italian restaurant.a01c891073655d202453cf41ce0da0ee
  2. Craving something spicy or some good old fajitas? Mole Mole is right for you! Walk across the street and take a left after the gas station on the corner, and you’ll see Mole Mole nestled into the wall, behind Campus Deli. They deliver as well.
  3. Looking for a delicious sandwich, a place to sit, and maybe some cold Arizona Iced Teas? Go to Red Fox Eatery- directly across the street, first door on the left by the gas station! They deliver too!
  4. Up late studying? Dying for an egg sandwich, a cheesesteak or really any sandwich you can imagine? Go to Campus Deli, directly across the street near the gas station. Before you leave Marist, try…. the infamous Campus Deli “Heart Attack” sandwich. They too, deliver.
  5. Three words: General. Tso’s. Chicken.  Dying for Chinese food, and don’t feel like waiting hours on end? Yeung Ho II is the perfect place for you. Decently quick service, great prices, and within walking distance [or you can get it delivered].
  6. Looking for some half prices apps, or maybe some fun trivia to play with your friends? Go to Applebees and have some wings, split a dinner, and dominate trivia with your friends.
  7. Chicken. Bacon. Ranch. Before you leave Marist, you MUST have a slice of what some has described as “a slice of heaven”. Where can you get this delectable slice or other purely amazing pizza? Where can you also get BUFFALO CHICKEN pizza, PENNE VODKA pizza and basically just about anything you want on a slice? P-Ridge Pizza is pure joy, and a place all students must experience at least one. They deliver too :]
  8. McDonald’s across the street, near the Home Depot, is open 24 hours. Enough said.
  9. Drained from studying and in dire need of some coffee or a nice muffin? Starbucks is directly across the street from campus!
  10. Hot dog fan? Maybe you love to get creative with your toppings, or you just want some of the best fries in the Hudson Valley. Soul Dog located right on Main Street in Poughkeepsie has consistently been named one of the best eats in the Hudson Valley area.20111128-soul-dog-petes-hot-dogs-newburgh-poughkeepsie-07
  11. Want a scrumptious deli sandwich but tired from walking to get there? Take a seat, relax, and let K&D Deli take care of all of your food cravings.
  12. Chicken. Fish. Pizza. Pasta. Need I say more? Scamper across the street to Giacomo’s and let their Italian magic fill your belly and make your dining experience the best it can be.  Located next to the Starbucks, about 200 feet from the McDonald’s.
  13. Want a sub you’re familiar with? Go to Quizno’s. Located next to the McDonald’s.
  14. One of my personal favorites: PALACE DINER. It’s a diner, so it has basically everything you could dream of having. My recommendation, and a common local favorite? The Red Fox Wrap :]. Walk across the street towards the gas station, make a right and walk up the hill. You will see St. Francis on your left, and will be greeted with a giant glowing Palace Diner sign in front of you. It’s not a mirage, once you’re up the hill you’ve found the oasis!be0fc624fd6e40ca6bc1af558175e129
  15. Looking for a burger, a wrap, or maybe some sweet chili ? Head down to Lola’s , just about a mile from campus! Walk to the Mid-Hudson Walking Bridge, keep walking straight until you see a gas station straight ahead, look to your left and Lola’s is directly across!
  16. Technically, the Poughkeepsie Train Station is within walking distance from campus.. so if you’re craving really anything, head down there. You will be greeted with AMAZING Italian food from Amici’s , some of my favorite Irish foods from Mahoney’s Pub and another personal favorite.. SUSHI from Akari!673e8fe304777cb06cc1a679033bb141

From one food lover to hopefully another, take advantages of all the food places within walking distance from our beloved Marist College. Stop at any of these, and you will not be disappointed!

Stay Classy, Red Foxes

-Alex McCahill 15’


wanna-be food tester

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  1. Thanks for all the information. My son is an incoming freshman, so it’s great to get some clues where to eat. LIsa W

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