BMAC Top 25 For Chief Funster: The Contest Continues!


Send BMAC Down Under fans, I DID IT!!! I got shortlisted as one of only 25 people IN THE WORLD to advance to the next round of potentially becoming THE CHIEF FUNSTER for Sydney, Australia!!!!!!! THANK YOU to EVERYONE for following my campaign and supporting me! I wouldn’t have gotten this far without your love. Thank you for sharing the information and spreading the buzz about this contest and my campaign!!! A HUGE thank you to the contest judges at Tourism Australia for selecting me as one of the 25 shortlisted contestants. I am thankful and honored to have gotten this far… but the contest isn’t over yet!

I am already halfway through the second round. I have one week left to complete the “referee challenge”. After I found out I got shortlisted in the top 25, I received an email from Tourism Australia detailing the rest of the contest. Here’s what they told me for the next challenge:

the next challenge

The past few days have been a whirlwind. As soon as I read all the details for the next round, it was go time! There was minimal time to celebrate and it was time to get down to business. You have to be one hundred percent in it to win it. “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” Well ladies and gentlemen, I’m not sure about you, but I don’t have time to suffocate, which means that every breath I took from the moment I received that email has been dedicated to this round. I have been getting over a bad sinus infection and it’s allergy season, plus I am in the last 3 weeks of my senior year of college, but nothing has stopped me from telling the tale of Send BMAC Down Under to anyone who will listen and getting what I need to have people support me and endorse me. Most of the grunt work has been done this past week, so there will be more news flowing in this week, but here’s a taste of what I’ve done so far…


The Send BMAC Down Under “street team” set out to the Walkway Over The Hudson this past weekend to spread the word about me making it to top 25 and what the next round consists of. I printed out notecards that had all the information about my social media campaign on them and how people could IMG_0010help spread the word about Send BMAC Down Under. It was a beautiful day and I didn’t want to just walk up to people and disturb their enjoyable afternoon walk, so I bought 2 helium tanks and balloons as a way to grab people’s attention and have them come over to us. My friends Sarah and Eric came along with me to help me blow up the balloons, talk about the contest and tell my story. We were a real hit! In only 1 hour, I passed out over 100 notecards to people and we went through 2 helium tanks worth of balloons! We stood at the beginning of the walkway and wrote “Send BMAC Down Under” on the balloons so that people would wonder where the balloons were coming from and want to know why the balloons said what they did. We had a bunch of people ask why we were there and everyone was really supportive of the contest and wished me luck! People were pleasantly surprised when they found out the balloons were free! They thought we were fundraising, but nope! The sole purpose of the street team in action was to take advantage of the beautiful sunny day and spread the good news about the best job in the world contest and getting me to the next round.


It was such a fun day! By the time we left the walkway, we were wicked tired and got lemonades at the stand on the way home. The Send BMAC Down Under will be back in action again this week! Be sure to keep an eye out on twitter for when we’ll be out again and where you can find us/meet me and hear the tale of Send BMAC Down Under! In the meantime, my “press secretary” (my beautiful mother, Tracy MacLeod), “campaign manager” (one of my best friends, Mark Gamarra) and I will be calling, emailing, tweeting (and anything else we can think of) news, radio & TV stations to pick up my story to be featured in the news. The more coverage I get of the contest and my story, the better my chances are of getting to the next round! Do you know of anyone who could report and broadcast the tale of Send BMAC Down Under? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I’m doing everything I can to spread the word but the more buzz that is created around me and my story, the better. Holla at ya girl if you think you can help! Message me on my campaign Facebook


Curious to see the success of my social media campaign before round 2 started? Check out the infographic that sophomore Melissa Andrews made of all the stats on my campaign! Send BMAC Down Under is now on Instagram (sendbmacdownunder) and Vine (Send BMAC Down Under)! Be sure to follow me there!

I wouldn’t be BMAC if I didn’t keep it poppin in the second round of the contest, so yesterday I made, edited and posted a parody video called “I’m Bringin Sydney Back” YUP! You definitely want to check it out!

Anything and everything the Marist community can do to help me would be greatly appreciated! I 26065_10150126953360468_5569246_nwouldn’t have gotten this far without all of you! I was one of 600,000 to apply. Now I only need to pass 24 more people to make it to Chief Funster, but the competition is fierce! Tweet your allegiance to @BMAC_DownUnder with #SendBMacDownUnder. Share my Facebook page on your Facebook and be sure to “like” it! Don’t forget to watch my YouTube channel and I post something new on my blog every day! Thank you for your help and support, Marist! GO RED FOXES!!!

Oh and check out the Life section of the Poughkeepsie Journal TOMORROW (Thursday, May 2nd) 😉


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