It’s not just the graduates who are leaving campus this May of 2013 with tear-soaked cheeks and wishes of more time here at Marist; the feeling is shared amongst all classes. No matter whom you run into on campus, most fill your ears with tales of their wonderful experiences throughout the year and how much they are—sorry Mom and Dad—dreading going home and having to live away from all of their friends for the summer. Freshman student Shannon McCormack even decided to spend her summer season working on campus, and shares her perspective about how she surprised herself with this decision:

A few months ago if someone had asked me what I was looking forward to this summer my answer would have been home cooked meals, spending time with family, and no shower shoes. Instead my summer is going to consist of me earning money, learning to cook my own food, tanning by the river, exploring Poughkeepsie, and still wearing shower shoes.”

McCormack also comments about why she chose to remain on campus,

“I love the independence that college brings and I am very excited to extend it into the summertime! I know that this summer is going to help me grow in so many ways and that it will be a unique adventure. It is going to be strange being on campus without my friends, but that is what weekend road trips are for! I look forward to the great memories and experiences that living on my own this summer will bring!

Pat Rynkowski, sophomore, also tells of his decision to live in the Poughkeepsie area to work on campus instead of returning home this summer:

I decided I could be more productive and feel more positive about myself by staying at Marist and working. I am also on a sports team at Marist and I will be able to practice with some of the various people who are also staying at Marist.


Photo: Hudson Valley Magazine

There is something magnetic about Marist’s campus. Besides the glorious view of the sunset, the leaves of autumn, the flowers at springtime, and the lively spirit that is ever-present on campus, there is something that continues to draw in students here…enough to make them not want to leave, even for the longest, hottest break of the year!

-Katie Gillick

Marist ’16

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