Welcome to Marist! I’m Owen. As President of Marist College Tour Guides, you could probably imagine that I’m a proud and enthusiastic member of the Red Fox community. It’s hard for me to imagine that this time four years ago, I hadn’t the slightest idea of where I wanted to go to college. So what happened between then and now? What caused me to perform a 180 from being reluctant to apply to schools, to discovering that Marist and I were a match made in heaven?

Once I began physically visiting college campuses, my decision process became clear. The location and layout of a campus, the cultural and academic backgrounds of a student body; these are a few of the many components of a college which give every institution its own distinct flavor. It’s vital to visit your potential schools of interest if you want to capture a thorough taste of these flavors, to get the full picture of what a school is all about.

As a tour guide and a student that recently went through the college search process myself, I understand the importance of visiting colleges.  My elite tour guide family is hand-selected and trained to give you the most personal Marist experience possible. Throughout the tour, we’ll share with you our own personal stories of our experiences as students here. We’ll take you into a real freshman dorm room, which is being lived in by real students who we have personally selected to let you into their lives and share with you their own experiences thus far, informally, as peers. You’ll also get first-hand glimpses into our brand new student center and dining hall, our academic buildings and other central components of our campus. We want to experience life as a Marist Red Fox and see how you like it.

To simply research a college online, or to physically visit it? Looking into a school online is like buying new clothes online, while visiting is like going to the actual store and trying on the outfit. Online, you obtain a general understanding of the clothing, a basic vision. But what if the outfit you intend to buy doesn’t quite fit right? What if there are loose threads or a slight hole in the pants that a picture on your screen just doesn’t show? Legendary basketball coach John Wooden once said, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” To absorb the little details of a campus, you have to visit.

Come visit us at Marist and get the full picture of how it feels to be a Red Fox!

Cheers and best of luck,

Owen Cobb, Class of 2014

President of Marist College Tour Guide Program


  1. Hello,
    I am so happy and delighted in knowing such a college exists,and more hyped up with the chance of visiting the school;but in the case when one is not capable of leaving her country to another,due to financial issues and lack of support;what can be done?
    Nneoma osakwe

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