BandBlo_Picture7Have you ever found yourself humming the tune to your favorite song? Can’t get it out of your head no matter what you do. Listen to it 101 times on replay until your ears fall off and you still want more. Whether or not you play an instrument or sing, you are officially a music geek. According to Urban Dictionary, “A music geek is one who enjoys creating and listening to music.” At Marist, the music geeks are those who create and listen to music as a family.

From the moment you decide to participate in the music program at Marist, you become part of a tight-knit community. I signed up for Singers, the main choir ensemble on campus, on Accepted Students Day. When I heard that there was a music camp I was caught a little off guard. I was from a small town that didn’t have a marching band and didn’t begin music activities until school started. However, I put high school behind me and jumped at the opportunity to go to camp.

BandBlog_Pic3Being a part of music camp, I was assigned two upperclassman buddies (yes, two… I think they knew I was too much for one!) My buddies contacted me before camp started and have stayed in contact with me to this day. They met up with me as soon as I got to campus for early move-in and helped me get settled in. Afterwards, all music members and freshman families were welcomed at a dinner down by the river, then straight to learning the music!

We all dive into a three-day intensive program full of music, bonding and fun! This is when the magic happens, when we make some of the best music we have ever encountered and when best friends meet for the first time. During this time, we form teams within each music section (i.e. band, orchestra and choir). While the band practices on the field the choir and the orchestra takes part in the Fox Hunt, a scavenger hunt race across campus where each group must take pictures at each location the clues lead them to. My freshman year, my team (#winning.) won the whole competition – because we’re awesome, obviously! This year the orchestra got the spotlight but I am still biased. #winning all the way!

After our last day of rehearsal, we have our dance. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…what happens when you get that many music geeks in one room together?! Well let’s just say it gets a little crazy!

BandBlog_Picture6By the time classes’ start, we are a family. We go to the football and basketball games to support not only the players but also the band. We all perform together at family weekend, we spend hours in our dorm lounges just laughing and having fun and we continue to attend rehearsals.

By the end of the year, we are all going to music formal together!

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