Bringing Marist to Manhattan

After five weeks living in New York City, I can say that my life is busy, chaotic, and sometimes stressful. But I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. The frenzy of my internship and my online Marist classes puts a lot on my plate, but it’s taught me so much already.


One of the best parts of the Marist in Manhattan program is how connected we still are to campus. Not only can we come and visit Poughkeepsie on the weekends, sometimes Poughkeepsie comes to us. Two weeks ago, two of the coordinators of the program, Gerry McNulty and Lydia Biskup, came down to the city with pizza and support for the twenty-seven Marist interns living on the Upper East Side. Together, we discussed what we expect out of our internships, what our office atmospheres are like, and what makes a good boss and a bad boss. Sharing what we’ve learned and our new insight is something we’ll get to do together once a month while we’re in the city.


Of course, the best part of living in the city is exploring our new home. As a Long Island girl, I’ve been to the city plenty of times and done a lot of the typical tourist activities. My favorite part of actually living in the city is doing things a little bit more off the beaten path. During our first weekend, a bunch of us used our City Passes given to us during our orientation to take a free speedboat tour of Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Flying on the river to rock n’ roll blasting in our ears on the boat definitely isn’t the usual way to see the sights, but it was definitely a good way to start our morning.

Nicole(Blog2.1)Just this past weekend, three other Red Foxes and I went to brunch at the Central Park Boathouse. It may have been the classiest dining experience of my life. Was it expensive? Yes. Totally worth it? Absolutely. Getting to eat in a place we’d only seen in movies was quite the experience.

After loading up on French toast, we decided to take a rowboat out onto the lake and test our crew skills. It felt like a mini-vacation to get to take in nature and spend time in the quiet, serene park. Sometimes living in the city can feel like living in a jungle and that time on the lake was exactly what we needed to get away for a while.

I haven’t even included our trips to Coney Island after walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, exploring the hipster havens of Greenpoint and Williamsburg, shopping in Herald Square, or seeing one of the many shows we’re all going to see as a group. There’s so much to do in the city and we still have three months to explore.

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