His name is Kuang Fuchen, or Kenny for short. Kenny is a freshman at Marist College. Like the other Red Foxes, Kenny is unique, but what sets him apart from others is that he is part of Marist’s International students. There is so much to learn from Kenny and from his experiences. I sat down with Kenny after our art class and we chatted about Marist and his art.

Amanda Cantor: Where are you from?

Kenny Fuchen: I’m from Qingdao, China.

AC: How did you hear about Marist?

KF: My friend teaches at Bard College. She always comes here and told me Marist is a good school.

AC: What do you like about being at Marist?

KF: It is a small school and the location is on the Hudson River.

AC: What’s it like being so far from home?

KF: It’s fine. Everybody is friend and I have a good roommate.

AC: China’s far, so how do you communicate with everyone from home?

KF: I talk with them on FaceTime.

AC: Where did you get your inspiration for your art?

KF: I looked at photos in China and drew what I saw. China has so many poor people and areas, so I wanted to draw some pictures to describe it.

AC: How did you learn to draw in that style? Is it difficult?

KF: I learned this drawing style from a Chinese art textbook. It’s not too difficult to learn.

After speaking with Kenny and learning more about him, I not only learned more about his artistic talents, but about his culture and home. Next time you see or meet an international student, reach out and talk to them. You could learn more about your fellow Red Foxes and make a new friend.

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