Most of you probably have heard of the viral video “The Fox”, also know as “What Does the Fox Say?!”  If you haven’t than you have been living under a rock and have to check it out right here:

As a Marist Red Fox, I thought it was the absolute best thing ever when I first heard this song.  Once you hear it for the first time, you will never get it out of your head…especially on campus where everyone plays it in their cars and on the football field.

“The Fox” was a huge step for Marist and the Red Fox…we are finally getting a voice and becoming somewhat of celebrities.  Our song is currently #10 on the iTunes charts so it’s a pretty big deal.  Here are some of what our Red Foxes are saying about “The Fox”:

“I feel like it’s the Marist theme song!”


“It’s really cute!”

“It’s good publicity for foxes and we are foxes!”

“It gives foxes a voice!”

-The Sirens

“It’s awesome!  It’s funny…cool.”


“I think it’s funny but I don’t think the fox actually says any of those things.  The Red Foxes don’t say any of those things.  If the fight song wasn’t in there then it’s not actually what the fox would say.”


“I think that the song represents how the fox communicates nonverbally.  There are so many aspects to the fox and the song definitely shows a wide range!”


“I love that song!  I think it’s really funny and entertaining and it makes me laugh as a Red Fox!  We have a song about what we say and I had no idea what the fox would say.  No one knows what the fox says…and now we do!”


Bottom line, “The Fox” is awesome and just another reason why it is good to be a Red Fox!

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