Our past time has always thrived on the craziest, fastest, most stimulating adventures on our skateboards. If you are looking for a new adventure and want to try out a stimulating experience, these hills are for you. However, any loss of control on these hills will cause injury, from minor bruises to major burns and head injuries. As a fellow skater, my advice to you is to wear a helmet if you are dare devilish enough to try these hills, which you will. Even if you think you are too cool, please wear a helmet, know your limits on hills, and know your board.

From the easiest hills to the god-like don’t even try this hill we present to you the top 10

1. Wood League:

Wood League

Coming from the freshmen dorms, this is one of the paths that you can take to the cafeteria. But it isn’t that steep, 15 degree incline is not a challenge until you add pedestrians. Then you might want to look out.

2. Bronze Tier:

Bronze Tier

One of the easy, not really intense hills around campus, but if you happen to be coming from the freshman dorms and want to go to the gym or the freshman dorms, this is one to try. Be wary of the cars and the amount of people going walking back and forth

3. Silver League:

Silver League

Need a quick ride to Donnelly from the freshman dorms? This is your hill. A decline of about 25 degree, this hill offers a nice scenic tour, however, there is a chain at the end of the path. If you have the moves to swerve out of the way and avoid people or cars, try this hill.

4. Silver League (2):

Silver League2

One of the few hills that Marist has to offer that is not dangerous. Riding from Hancock to Fontaine, this hill leads to the sophomore dorms and provides a pretty fast ride. With the broken bump in the road, it can take you as far as the streetlight to the main road. One of the hills to try tricks on and practice your Olly on and off of the sidewalk. However, during prime hours of changing class, this is not advised due to the heavy traffic on going.

5. Upper Silver:

Upper Silver

It is about time that we started to add steeper hills to the mix. Offering about a 2 minute ride down, this hill has turns and curves that you will not be expecting. On top of it all, you have cars that cannot see you on the turn. Over-looking the Hudson and right behind the freshman dorm, Leo, this hill is a must as it takes you down all the way to the gym

6. Gold Tier:

Gold Tier1

One of the few hills that no cars will be on. This one provides a journey, a pretty epic one, from the upper-housing all the way under the bridge. A 25 degree steep hill, lets you get back onto the main campus, avoiding the main road. Also, one of the best hills to practice your manuals or nose dives and truly impress that guy/girl that you have been looking at for quite some time.

Gold Tier2

7. Gold Tier (2):

Gold Tier3

From the back entrance of Donnelly to the back entrance of the football field, this hill provides a smooth ride. Riding along the highway, you notice how you are gradually gaining speed and trying to avoid cars at the same time. One of the smoothest, and best rides to get around campus if you ever need quick access from Hancock to the freshman dorms without the pain of having people get in your way.

Gold Tier4

8. Platinum Tier:


About time we moved on from those baby hills. Coming from the main road and leading all the way down to the gym, the south entrance has a hill that is a must. When cars are not around and it is free game, this hill can take you are far as the river side and to Donnelly. From a 45 degree angle leading into another 45 degree hill.

This has to be on your bucket list.

9/10 . God-Like/You’re Crazy:


Alright you dare devil, if you are going to try this, wear helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves, because this hill is no joke. Now, you are probably scuffing at me saying yeah right. However, the countless people that are injured on this hill is pretty great. At a significant 50+ angle, this hill continues on towards the river which is even worse. Without knowing how to stop properly, you will bail and hit something or let your board sink into the river. Starting from the upper chapel, this hill allows you to go speeds that you probably have thought of but never tried before you even reached the sophomore dorms. A hill that everyone wants to try, not only for the river view while going as fast as a car, but also for the glory of saying that you successfully skated down that hill.


– Jamie Argueta

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