“It felt live.”

—Peter Malavenda ‘16

It was lights, camera, action as usual in the studio of Marist College Television on Tuesday, October 29th, yet somehow, the atmosphere was different. Perhaps that’s because of the surge of excitement in the room in anticipation of the first live broadcast in MCTV news history. What originated as a capping project by two senior Communication majors, Ali Read and Katie Johnston, became an experiment that revolutionized the production of MCTV for generations to come. Sophomore Peter Malavenda, a Communication major with a concentration in Radio/TV/Film, was well equipped to handle such an event, but knew that once the director cued him to speak, “there was no going back.” He was selected to co-host the broadcast with Caitlin Goettler, and the two of them made a dynamic duo, going onward to set the bar high as a new expectation for Marist College Television.

What makes this feat so incredible is that it is predominantly student-run. Students set up, organize, and direct their own show with little or no professional guidance, which makes their accomplishment that much more noteworthy.

“The pressure of being live enhanced the group dynamic,” Malavenda said. “It made the energy in the room electric.”

Overall, Malavenda says that he was pleased with his live performance. He broke through his initial, nerves to deliver a flawless appearance on camera, and says that it was one of the best experiences he’s had thus far working with the college’s news organization.

Malavenda reports that the MCTV cast and crew has already been receiving an influx of positive feedback from past program members, and feels that so fortunate to have done their alumni proud.

MCTV’s first live broadcast:

This past Tuesday, Nov. 12, MCTV News finished their second full live news program. The full show can be viewed in its entirety here:

Make sure to follow them on Twitter as well @MCTVHD

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