If you work at the Marist Institute for Public Opinion or MIPO, you know the go-to guy of MIPO is Mike. He knows all there is to now about Marist Poll. He worked his way up the ranks from poller, to supervisor, to research assistant and finally a Graduate Assistant.

He  graduated from Marist College in 2012 with a major in business marketing and a minor in political science. Mike is currently enrolled in the MBA program here at Marist and plans to be graduating next winter.

I sat down with Mike in the Hancock Center, the home of MIPO, to learn more about him.

Cat Vaccaro: What were some of your favorite classes here at Marist as an undergrad?

Mike Conte: Political science and philosophy classes were my favorite. I liked my political science classes that best because I am interested in public policy and how it’s formed. I also enjoyed my philosophy classes because I found exploring the ways people think interesting and had not really been exposed to that type of material before.

CV: What is one of your favorite memories at Marist?

MC: When MIPO moved from Fontaine to the Handcock center. It was much nicer digs. It was really nice result for the hard work the Poll does.

CV: Why did you ultimately choose Marist?

MC: Marist has a great reputation for their business program.  I also love the aesthetics of the college itself.

CV: What does your job entail? Do you enjoy it?

MC: I assist in the phone room and manage data collection of the research projects we conduct here at the Poll.  And yes, I enjoy working for the Marist Poll because it is giving me an opportunity to work in the field I studied as a political science minor and am interested in, while giving me the opportunity to continue my education at Marist and work towards my MBA.

CV: What is your favorite spot at Marist?

MC: Definitely Pleasant Ridge because their chicken bacon ranch pizza is amazing. Also I love the down stairs level of the library because it became my default spot to do homework on Sundays.

CV: Any advice for current students?

MC: Definitely start thinking about trying to get an internship or some job related to your field of study early on in your college career. It will make senior year and graduating a lot less intimidating.

CV: Where do you see yourself going next? What are your future plans?

MC: Utilizing my market research work history and business degree to find a job somewhere in the market research field. I would either be staying in the political world of polling or going to the more consumer related business side by working for a consumer based research firm.

Every Red Fox has a different story to tell. Many Marist students that graduate find future jobs at Marist to continue their education and discovering their passions along the way.


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