Marist XOX Betsey Fashion Show

photo 1This past Wednesday, we had the privilege of attending a reprise of famed designer, Betsey Johnson’s fashion show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City, exclusively for Marist fashion students, faculty, alumni, partners, and prospective students. Appropriately named Marist XOX Betsey, this event was truly spectacular and fun, just like Betsey Johnson’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection. According to Betsey, it was “a trip to do [the show] twice.” Before we go onto detail about day, we would like to extend a huge thank you to the Marist Fashion Department, LDJ Productions, and Betsey and her team for having us! This is truly a day that we will never forget in our blossoming fashion careers.

The second that we walked off of the bus, we felt like celebrities with cameras flashing in our direction. At fashion week, photographers love capturing street styles that are then used as inspiration for fashion bloggers. That being said, the potential of being featured on a fashion blog is a dream for any Marist fashion student.

photo 2

After snapping some photos of our own, we walked into the tents at Lincoln Center. We were instantly showered with some awesome freebies, such as Papyrus greeting cards and TRESemmé hairspray. There were phone-charging stations as well, which was needed thanks to the free WiFi. We must say that our favorite part was the Diet Coke served on a tray with cute little straws while we waited on line for the main event. While waiting on line, there was also a huge Instagram feed on the wall that reposted user’s snapshots of the day. As Marissa is looking to begin a career in Social Media Management for a fashion company, this was particularly fascinating for her!

Finally, it was show time! Betsey Johnson is known for her outrageous shows, which include a cartwheel at the end (mind you, she is 71 years young, you go girl)! The show was truly a party full of sequins, colors and overall fun. Shortly thereafter Betsey paraded down the runway ending with her infamous cartwheel and split. Having been a huge fan of hers, it was surreal to actually see this happen. It seems as if it was almost a “fashion myth or legend.”

The show was still not over, as it was time for Betsey to be awarded with the Silver Needle Icon Award, only the second one handed-out in Marist history. Fashion Department director Radley Cramer and Marist College President Dr. Dennis J. Murray thanked her for her hard work and inspiration that so many Marist fashion students look up to. According to them, “nobody does it better than Betsey Johnson,” and we agree! The two even joined her with one last split, which was absolutely hysterical. Perhaps they stole the show!

photo 3

Before heading to the reception, we couldn’t leave the show without our awesome gift bags: stuffed with a Marist XOX Betsey t-shirt, candy and other fancy things. This was such a treat and truly was the icing on the cake for a true Fashion Week experience.

At the reception, we had the chance to mingle with Marist faculty, alumni and prospective students amongst some awesome hors d’oeuvres. There was even a custom-made Step And Repeat, yet another aspect of this glamorous, fashion-filled day! We got to chat with Professor Jodi Hartmann who asked if we would be wearing sequined shorts to class next week. The answer is in fact no (it’s still a little too cold in Poughkeepsie), but we plan on incorporating sequins into our wardrobe in other ways!

We were so exhausted that we slept for most of the bus ride home. That being said, Fashion Week is definitely tiring! Click the link below to get a look at the show and be sure to follow @MaristFashion on Twitter and Instagram @MaristFashion to catch-up on updates of the day!

photo 4

By: Marissa Walton ’14 and Stephanie Melnick ’15

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