Spend Your Valentines Day on Google

With Valentines Day comes the exaggerated versions of what Hollywood believes love to be. We see it time and again in the countless different movies paraded throughout theaters across America. While we some find solace and comfort in these movies, I have always found true stories carry more weight.

So instead of turning to The Notebook or Dirty Dancing I implore you turn to Google for your romantic encouragement.

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 3.08.26 PM

Yes, Google.

As you may have noticed, Google’s homepage has changed today, as it does on most holiday or special occasions, in the form of those ever-popular candy hearts (although personally I do not understand how a chalk tasting candy has lasted so long).  What you may have not noticed is when you click onto a candy charm you get to hear a real love story.

Partnered up with Ira Glass of This American Life, Google dedicated their homepage this Valentines Day to the idea of real people, with real love stories.

So take a break from all of the different Hollywood renditions of what love is supposed to be, and instead spend your Valentines Day on Google.

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