With the forward springing of clocks scheduled for this weekend, springtime is inevitably on my mind. We may lose an hour of sleep, but the additional daylight will be worth the loss of a little extra shut eye. For anyone who has forgotten what grass looks like, its reemergence from under the frozen snow is not too far away. Springtime at Marist is one of the busiest and most enjoyable times of the year. At the end of March, regular decision acceptance letters are sent out. Two weeks after that, we welcome our Accepted Students to visit campus, so our student body can share why we love Marist, and witness families realize why they do, too.

Walkway Over the Hudson

The campus comes alive again, as the snow melts into the ground, and students gather on the Campus Green for games of Kan Jam, sunbathing, and outside study sessions. With the return of warmer weather, Marist students have lots to which to look forward. They can found walking the bridge over the Hudson, or hiking on the Appalachian Trail, or even just reading a new book in the campus Adirondack chairs overlooking the river. Some can also be found walking the cobblestone Main Street of Rhinebeck, stopping in for ice cream, or window shopping along the way.

The days of below-freezing temps and snow covered ground will soon be put behind us. In the meantime, as we turn our clock an hour ahead this weekend, we can all look forward to what Marist in the springtime has to offer.

Click the link below to see what Marist students have to say themselves about Marist in the spring.

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