Class of 2018: Preparing for First Semester

Welcome to Marist! And Congratulations!

Congratulations Class of 2018! Welcome to Marist!

So you’re coming to Marist… CONGRATS! Freshman year is filled with endless excitement and new opportunities, but we realize that it can be nerve-wracking, too. Here are some answers to some of the most asked questions about Marist as well as some tips to help you get through your first year as a Red Fox.


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Class Schedule and Textbooks

All freshmen schedules are put together by the school throughout the summer and will be available to view sometime in August. Marist uses an online system that combines three services: myMarist, iLearn, and Foxmail. The easiest way to find these is under “Current Students” on the Marist homepage. You log in to all three using your same Marist username and password. myMarist is where your schedule will be released in the summer. Under the “Student” tab, the “My Classes- Week at a Glance” link will send you to a view of what your schedule will be.

If you see that your schedule includes a class that is obviously wrong (like a 300 or 400 level course), you can call the Registrar to talk about getting it changed. However, if there are no really obvious mistakes, start getting excited for your classes! You will be able to look up whether you will need a textbook or not on the Marist Bookstore’s website. You will need the course’s name and number to find it online.

Once you find the textbooks you need from the bookstore, start comparing prices. Most students at Marist do not buy all of their books from the bookstore. Other sites, such as Chegg and Amazon, offer textbooks for cheaper prices that you can rent or buy. However, one really nice feature about renting or buying textbooks from the Marist bookstore is that they will be ready on campus for you to pickup as soon as you need them – no waiting for a book to be shipped.

One final note about textbooks: do not rent/buy your books for a course until you have been to class. Your professor will let you know if you actually do need the textbook for class and any other specifics. Waiting to rent/buy your books can save you the frustration of getting a textbook you do not need or the wrong edition.

Add/Drop Week

So you are all moved in to Marist and it’s finally the first week of classes! This first week is the only time that you can add or drop a class and change your schedule for the semester. This year, the add/drop period is September 2nd-8th. You will need to go to the registrar with the appropriate add/drop forms in order to change your schedule. Keep in mind that most freshmen do not typically add or drop courses. But if you are placed in a class that you know that you will not be able to complete, this is your chance to change it.

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Click here to check out the rest of the Academic Calendar for the 2014-15 school year!

Still have questions?

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Congratulations again! Marist is so excited to welcome our next class of Red Foxes this fall!

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