Marist Presents Nanette Lepore #MBFW

Echoing the success of last spring’s Marist XOX Betsey reprise show, Marist will host a reprise show for American designer Nanette Lepore at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (#MBFW). This Sunday, fifteen Marist Fashion students will be sent to the reprise show to assist backstage, manage press materials, assemble gift bags, and to act as student representatives during the Marist Presents Nanette Lepore reception. This opportunity is a hands-on, educational experience for students, providing a firsthand depiction of the fashion industry and the many components of a successful runway show. It takes learning beyond the books and allows students to apply the tools learned in the classroom, ultimately shaping their approach to the professional world after college.

The accessibility of New York City from the Marist College campus is a wonderful benefit and provides students who wish to be involved in the epicenter of the fashion industry the opportunity to do so. This is key in terms of internship and other volunteer opportunities that are offered to Marist Fashion students.

Overall, Marist Presents Nanette Lepore is merely a representation of the ever-growing success and determination of the Marist Fashion Program. It is also a depiction of the passion and fortitude of the program’s students. Student involvement in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City is an impressive feat, and a true milestone for both the fashion program and the Marist College community.

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