“Once a Red Fox, Always a Red Fox”

UntitledAh, school is back in full swing. For those of us who are returners to the Marist we know and love, the transition was just another smooth beginning to a year. We saw all of our friends we missed over the summer, already hit up a few of the local restaurant treasures, and of course, got that gut feeling of “I’m meant to be here” when we saw another trademark Marist sunset.

We love Marist. We need Marist. We belong at Marist.

This is the basis of the reason for 500 students from all different activities on campus to VOLUNTARILY sign up to help out on the famed “move in day”. What motivates five hundred plus college-age people to get up at what we conceive to be the crack of dawn (around 7am), to do manual labor for eight hours while our families are home enjoying the last days of summer and our friends are hanging out?

Well, the answer varies.

For some it is that a family member was moving in. Some clubs offered it as a community service. Other people simply did it “just because.” Personally, I had such a flawless transition into college that I wanted to share that same easiness with those that I could. I worked with the Ambassadors Program to help move the incoming freshman in and we made a day out of it! We blasted music as we shipped boxes on boxes on boxes up the Champagnat hallway and enjoyed one another’s company. Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 6.38.51 PMWe met students and parents from all over the country with different stories to tell and needs to be met. The energy in the residence hall was surreal and it was a comforting indicator of the passion for Marist this freshman class holds in its’ student’s hearts. The halls were alive with chatter of peers meeting one another, parents connecting, rooms being made, and memories being created. For us upperclassmen it was like coming home, a dual reminder that we too were in those shoes once and that like those gone before us, we are one step closer to moving on.

To help out at move-in, there is no monetary earning. There is no recognition, award, or potential resume builder.

It all boils down to the life Marist has brought to us and the life we wish to share with other prospective and incoming students. This is one of our ways to share that life.

After all, “Once a Red Fox, always a Red Fox”.

Alex McCahill ’15

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