Marist’s Top Study Spots

Anyone who has met me will agree that I study more than anyone they have ever met. As a freshman in college, I wasn’t over the moon about getting into the coolest party or having front row seats at the basketball game. No, no, not me. I couldn’t wait to go to the library! I was so excited to scope out a good spot, get nice and cozy with my textbooks, and get some hard core work done.  While my feelings are a bit extreme, the right study environment is crucial to academic success. Luckily, Marist has an abundance of great (and beautiful!) places to cram.

1. Hancock Patio: A hidden gem that I just discovered this semester, the small patio behind the Hancock Center is the perfect hideaway on a beautiful fall or spring afternoon. With a view of the sunset over the Hudson River, this is the perfect spot to finish up that paper and get out of your dorm room!

Courtesy of Adam Guest.

Courtesy of Adam Guest.

2. Getting Snuggly with James A. Cannavino: During your four years at Marist, you will more than likely experience multiple date nights with a man named James. If you haven’t figured it out already, Marist’s James A. Cannavino Library is the place to be! Three floors filled with knowledge and the aroma of crisp pages stand tall atop the Marist Beach. With large windows facing the river, you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of campus from any area of the building. Whether you prefer a simple desk and chair or a cushioned lounge chair, you can find the right spot for you at the library. Not to mention the fabulous librarians there to help you with that research paper due soon.

3. Silver Chairs in Library: Ask any Marist student where they have worked on group projects, and their answer will most likely include the lobby of the library by the Starbucks. One might call it an iconic feature of the Marist campus, perhaps due to the unique statue of a partial human body that stands in its midst, but also because everyone knows where it is! The perfect place for tutoring sessions, group projects, or meeting with professors!

river4. Down by the Bay, Where the Watermelon Grows…(umm..not really): One absolutely unique feature that sets Marist apart from all other schools is its breathtaking view of the Hudson River. As a Marist student, you can watch the sunset over the mountains and the river every night. Directly behind Marist, accessed by walking/driving past the Hancock Center and under the train tracks, is Longview Park. A walkway leading to the Marist boathouses and direct access on to the docks, “down by the river” is a tranquil setting, perfect for all activities, right at your fingertips.

5. Comfy Couches isc1n the Student Center: A staple of my freshman year were the white couches on the third floor of the student center, located by college activities. During finals week, students flock to this area for its spacious, quiet, and cozy atmosphere. (Hint: A great place with air conditioning for studying during sweltering finals week in May.)

6. The Secret Weapon: Your Desk! Never underestimate the power of the desk sitting right there in your room! As I previously mentioned, I was anxious to claim my spot in the library in my freshman year. However, I came to learn that I could not focus there. I was too distracted by all the people! Personally, my desk, chair, books, and
my favorite sweats are all I need to crank out a killer essay.

maristbeach7. Marist Beach: Another great place to venture to on beautiful spring days! After months spent stuck inside, students cannot wait to break out their beach towels and head to Marist Beach. Located behind the library, facing the Rotunda and that lovely Hudson River, Marist Beach serves as an escape from your dreary dorm on a sunny day as well as a prime sledding location in the winter.

8. Student Center Silver Tables (3rd Floor): Located next to the Wellness Center are several couches, chairs, and silver table sets. This corner of the student center is another popular study spot during finals week.

9. SC (*insert number here*): Located near College Activities and the comfy white couches mentioned above, the student center “multi-purpose rooms” provide a silent, cool atmosphere for finals week studying. In the spring semester of my freshman year, I lived in SC3103!

10. Group Work Rooms in Library: Do you want to sit at your desk in your room but your roommate is too loud? Can’t focus the lobby of the library and have to finish a group project? Have no fear, the second floor is here. On the second floor of the library are several soundproof booths designed for group meetings. Students can rent a room and enjoy the peaceful silence and simplicity of a table, a chair, and four walls.

With a plethora of spots from which to choose, many with scenic views, studying almost became bearable;  you might even dare to say enjoyable. See for yourself, check out the new Marist Virtual Tour! 

Where is your favorite place to put in those long hours of studying?

Know a great study spot that isn’t listed on here?

Comment below!

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