Halloween DIY: Dorm Style

Halloween is coming quicker than you can say Trick or Treat! The perfect excuse to decorate your dorm room with twinkle lights, pumpkins, window stickers, and buckets filled with your favorite candy! My favorite part about this holiday? Rummaging through the dollar section at Target finding the perfect materials for a fun DIY!

Do It Yourself (DIY) allows you to be creative, stylish, and trendy while saving tons of money! DIY is everywhere! A simple Google search of “College Dorm DIY,” yields over a million hits that range from HGTV to hercampus

Marist freshmen dorms are spacious enough to create your own little world. There is a large cork board for residents to hang up memorabilia while showcasing their personal style. The beds can be raised to make extra space to place more furniture in the room while a throw rug creates a cozy atmosphere. Residents can also decorate their doors, windows, and closets! Here are my favorite dorm DIY ideas:

Now search “Halloween DIY” to witness the endless amounts of Halloween crafts, costume ideas, room decor, food, and much more! Below are some Halloween DIY Pinterest boards to help you get inspiration about how to decorate and celebrate this spooooky holiday! Marist freshmen resident halls provide the perfect environments for recreating your holiday traditions! Around 98% of Marist Freshmen live on campus and stay around for the holidays. Therefore, the halls become a home away from home for many! How will you decorate or recreate your holiday traditions at Marist?!

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