Marist Clubs: Literary Arts Society Hosts “Spooky Slam”

When I joined the Literary Arts Society, I thought I had hit the goldmine. Immediately after I left the first meeting, I texted my mom to say, “OMG I loved that club!” At that very first meeting, I could tell that the members were my kind of people. They talked about their addictions to books, writing, and language, and shared their favorite pieces of literature.

As a proud LAS member, I attend workshops every week during which members share their writing (poetry, prose, etc.) and receive feedback from their peers. The mellow, creative atmosphere of the meetings are completed with snapping after each reading, as opposed to applause. Every semester, students have the opportunity to submit creative works of writing, art, or photography to “The Mosaic,” a literary anthology produced by the club. LAS also produces the “Fox Forum,” a collection of academic works that students can submit for publication. In addition to its publications, LAS offers fun events for its members such as Harry Potter night and Slam Poetry sessions, and sometimes has special guests (authors, poets, and literary figures) visit.

Just a few days after Halloween, the Literary Arts Society and Sigma Tau Delta held a “Spooky Slam” poetry competition in the Henry Hudson room of Fontaine. The scene was set: the full moon was blurred by translucent clouds, spiders and skeletons (albeit, plastic ones) hung from the walls, and with the blackness of the Hudson as their backdrop, fifteen brave souls stood in front of a lone mic stand, and poured passion into the room.


Second place winner, Adam Guest.


First place winner, Sara Kiter.

LAS is open to all students, no matter their major. Interested in finding out more about Marist’s Literary Arts Society? Check out their website here.

The night was the epitome of a club event at Marist, attendance at which is required in order to earn Priority Points in most clubs. Other club events coming up include a Dodgeball Tournament run through the fraternity TDX and Autism Speaks U. Not only was there free pizza and candy, but there were also prizes for the participants. As an English major and an avid poet, this was an awesome way to spend a Wednesday night.

Learn more about Clubs at Marist, Priority Points, the Literary Arts Society, Sigma Tau Delta.

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