Campus Ministry Kicks-Off Hunger Month


Marist Students Gather to Raise Hunger Awareness

On Wednesday, November 5th the Marist community kicked-off its annual Walk Against Hunger at noon in the Champagnat Courtyard. Students were able to walk or run across campus out to Route 9, then returned back to campus to show hunger awareness and support, sporting multiple banners and posters for the cause.

Students were also able to donate money and boxes of food for hunger relief organizations. Just last year the Marist community raised over $4,000 and donated 63 boxes of food.

Other Hunger Activities Included:

BUCK HUNGER DAYS: November 6th and 7th: Students can donate $1 to help the hungry.

HUNGER MEAL: November 13th – 6:30 PM in the Cabaret: Students can donate $3.00 to local, national, and international organizations dedicated to ending hunger.

ALL CAMPUS FOOD COLLECTION: November 10th-13th: Students can bring nonperishable food items to the Chapel to be donated to families in need.

FOOD BLESSING: November 16th – 7 PM: Father LaMorte will bless the food collected around campus at Mass in the Chapel.

PETITION DAY: November 17th: Students sign a petition and Sodexo donates $1 for each signature to help the hungry.

To find out more information about Hunger Month and Campus Ministry, check out their website here.

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