Power Couple Bonnie and Clyde Take the Marist Stage

Written by Anna Carbone

This past weekend, Marist College’s Council of Theatre Arts put on a production of Bonnie and Clyde, the musical. Auditions for Bonnie and Clyde were in early September, and the rehearsal process began immediately after that. The incredibly talented cast and production team have been preparing for the show since last spring, when the performance was first announced.

“Aside from really enjoying working with the cast, I liked getting to play a real life historical figure,” said junior Austin Christensen, who played Clyde Barrow. “It’s always fun playing different characters, but there’s a little something extra added when you know that the person actually existed. You have an extra incentive to do well and make it an accurate portrayal.”

Bonnie and Clydbc2e tells the invigorating story of two young lovers, both with magnificent dreams that they will stop at nothing to reach. The passionate romance between Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow motivates the character’s actions, influencing the entire show. The power couple commits numerous crimes and spends the majority of the time running from the law, hoping that their rebellion will pay off and result in a life of fame and fortune.

The highly skilled performers and orchestra did justice to Bonnie and Clyde’s already extraordinary score. Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes, Broadway’s original Bonnie and Clyde, would have been immensely proud of MCCTA’s portrayal of the infamous tale. It was genuinely difficult to contain myself from singing along with the performers, as they brought out the excitement and beautiful musicality of the songs. “It was an absolute pleasure working with the entire cast, crew, and production bc1team on this show,” says Nicole Musto, senior Marist student and Publicity Manager for Bonnie and Clyde. “I have never been so proud of a MCCTA musical in my four years at Marist.” Everyone involved in Bonnie and Clyde definitely raised more than “a little hell!” Congratulations MCCTA on another outstanding recreation of a truly sensational story.

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