Habitat for Humanity: Help Us Help Others

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“What we took away from our experience cannot be measured in inches of shingles or feet of sheetrock.” – Elle Gordon ’14, past Treasurer of Marist Habitat for Humanity

How do you measure the value of a week’s worth of bumps and bruises, adventures and memories, laughter and community? By looking at the smiles on the faces of those who return from any Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge trip. Each year, a group of twenty-four students and three advisors selflessly dedicate their Spring Break to traveling to a location within the U.S. in need of helping hands. Participants come away with more than dirty boots and construction skills. They come away with a family.

“We found more than piles of wood, paint, tools, and the groundwork of a construction project in progress. We found ourselves, and we found each other.” – Collegiate Challenge team member, reflecting upon experience in Fort Smith, Arkansas

This year, our Collegiate Challenge team is headed south to Seminole County, Florida. We have entered The Barnes & Noble #BNCInstaBuild Contest for a chance to win $5,000 to support our Spring Break trip. We have been competing with some schools much larger than us (i.e. – Colombia, University of Louisville, UCF), and have held our own. The top five competitors move on to the next round, where the two finalists receive the grand prize. Our community may be one-tenth the size of some of the other schools, but our hearts are ten times the size! Our student volunteers need your help to support our Marist Habitat Family, help us help other families build places to call homes.

Please take two minutes to vote for our video here: http://a.pgtb.me/hfNbgc

*The last day to vote is this Friday, November 21st

Many thanks from our family to yours!

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