It’s the Little Things: A Look into the Hidden Gems that Make Marist Great

Traveling around the tri-state area, the country, or even the globe, trying to find out where you want to spend the next four years of your life can be a bit overwhelming. Whether it’s a day trip to a local state school or a longer drive in your car that is overflowing with parents, siblings, snacks, and games, it’s a big deal! You have such an amazing opportunity and you don’t want to make the wrong choice. Here’s a secret: there is no wrong choice. The most important thing is choosing somewhere that will make you happy. Put all the rankings, test scores, recommendations, and judgments aside, and focus on the little things. After a while, all those schools – the schools you woke up at 6am on your day off to drive four hours to visit – blend together! Which one had the Fashion Program? Who had the really nice dorms? Who could remember? It’s all a blur!

It’s okay if you don’t find that school that fits you like a wedding dress. All that matters is that you choose somewhere that is best for you. How can you tell? Well, sometimes it’s the things you don’t hear about on your tour or in your information session. Sometimes, you have to get to know the campus and the students, and you have to learn about the hidden beauties hidden behind the big, iron gates. If you were to delve into the intimate life on the Marist campus, there are definitely some special things that aren’t listed in those welcome packets.

Photo credit: Marist College Instagram, submitted by @gabygilmartin

Photo credit: Marist College Instagram, submitted by @gabygilmartin

1. The most obvious (and just because it reminds me of an Avengers quote); Other schools have fountains…We have a river!

2. We live next door to a president. No, seriously, we do. Students love venturing off campus for a day to visit the FDR house and grounds.

3. You can’t go wrong with housing. Marist sophomores, juniors, and seniors live in townhouses, some with three floors and a balcony!

4. Free laundry and printing. I repeat: FREE LAUNDRY AND PRINTING.


Student Adam Guest visiting the FDR Historic Site

5. The Cabaret has two freezers dedicated to Ben and Jerry’s. Enough said.

6. Our president is Dr. Dennis J. Murray, but you can call him DJM. He’s one of the most down-to-earth presidents I’ve ever seen, so feel free to give a wave if you see him strolling around campus.

7. Activity Hour. Every Wednesday from 11am-2pm, no classes are held. This is a time for students to meet with professors, participate in clubs, and so on. If you’re working on a group project and can’t seem to find a time to meet and work on it, Activity Hour is always there to provide an uninterrupted time for getting things done.

8. Cool Classes! Need an extra credit or two before graduation? Have some extra space to fill? Marist offers a variety of one-credit classes such as Sailing, Boxing, Ballet, Archery, Financial Literacy, Scuba Diving, Career Development and more!


Lounge chairs on the patio behind the student center, Marist Beach #2.

9. Academic Services that you don’t have to leave your chair for. You want your paper proofread? No problem, you can submit it through the Proofreading Site on iLearn and it will be back with comments and corrections in less than 24 hours. I do it for every written assignment I submit. It’s a beautiful thing.

10. You will take a least one picture a day of this campus, not just because of the river, or how beautiful the multicolored leaves are in the fall, but because there is always, always a hidden gem that you haven’t found yet. Whether it’s sitting on the dock by the boathouses, studying on the Hancock patio, lounging in the Adirondack chairs in front of the library, or playing Frisbee on the Marist Beach, you’ll look around and think, “Wow, my school is beautiful.”






Learn more about Housing, Dining Services, FDR Historical Site, and Academic Services in the Library!

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