Red Fox Tips For Prospective D-1 Athletes

Wake up. Lift. Class. Practice. Homework. Sleep. Repeat.


That’s a pretty tight schedule, huh? There are over 500 student-athletes on campus. If you are considering walking-on, or are being recruited for a D-1 team, here’s  5 tools specifically tailored to Marist College to help you balance life as a student, and life as an athlete!

  1. Take advantage of our tutoring services if you’re having trouble in class (free to athletes, and open to non-athletes too!!).
  2. You have the McCann Center for Student Enhancement and your assigned athletic advisor help you schedule your classes, find the right teachers, and the right fit around your practice time.
  3. If your coach mandates study hall, GO TO IT. It’s six hours a week, so some advice? Get it out of the way early in the week.
  4. Get sleep. A lot of times team lifts are in the mornings before 8:00 classes, so sleep can fall to the wayside. Get your work done at study hall or during the day, so you have time to relax and sleep at night.
  5. Lastly, not so sure the D-1 lifestyle is right for you, but want some fun sports to play anyway? Check out our intramural and club sports webpage!

Questions? Visit our athletics website at


Alexandra McCahill 15’



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